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Shutters in Sydney

Ingenious solutions coupled with a bespoke approach to design and manufacturing

Cherrybrook Blinds and Shutters are an authorised reseller of the Australian-made OPEN SHUTTERS & THERMALITE ranges.

Fitting your challenging shape is our speciality. We offer our clients ingenious solutions coupled with our bespoke approach to design and manufacturing. We bring to your home, office or factory our selection of products, colours / hinges / configuration options and will discuss your design choices and options. We love a challenge and always “go the extra mile”.
All our ranges can be used internally (as occasionally aluminium shutters are used in shower recesses).

Aluminium shutters are used externally as they functional outside (powdercoated). Aluminium can look cold, they generate heat and not streamlined as internal shutters.

OPEN Ultimate (wooden shutters) can be supplied raw, oiled or enamel finish include fixed traditional WR Cedar blades, generally are used for old period homes.

Our factory supplies unique, streamlined shutter hardware :

– high-grade non-mortise hinges (high-grade stainless steel and brass)

– Italian LEGNO pin-hinged (nickel/zinc including white caps

– Rebated pivot hinged (stainless-steel)

– Various types of parliament-hinged.

Our sliding systems include:

– “Sliding-Closed” (blades need to be closed before sliding shutters). Good for minimal floor space areas.

– “Sliding-Open” (used on main doors for easy access). Blades do NOT need to be closed before sliding doors. This configuration takes up more floor space than the sliding-closed system.

Sliding and hinged panels allow easy access to the window to open/close, for cleaning, and to adjust the light in your room. Watch our “Slide & Hinge” shutter solution to dealing with obstructions near windows.



Our Australian-made shutters (ULTIMATES & SMARTer ranges) have an embossed 3-digit identification number on each individual panel.

ID numbers enable easy service or repair identification (colour, room, blade size, colour etc). This helps clients who have misplaced their paperwork.

DIY repair kits and replacement blades can be posted direct to you including “blade-swap” instructions or our Technical Fitter can be booked to swap blades for you.

If you want to replace an existing floor, for example, tiles, timber or carpet floors, we offer a custom service. It includes de-installation, re-work shutters and re-installation, after your new floors have been installed.

Beyond the obvious benefits of wood as a sustainable product is the importance of the insulation properties of this natural material. Wood should be listed as a priority material in home and corporate design to reduce energy usage. Heat transfer through glass is significant. Forward thinking designers and home owners have recognised the benefits offered by applying Western Red Cedar timber shutters inside the glass. This can reduce heat transfer by up to 50%. 

Shutters provide excellent thermal properties, helping to improve insulation. Learn more >
All our shutters are Australian Made.

Being an Australian made product, the Open range of shutters will always be made to Australian standards and with the our climate in mind. Imported products may be fine for their country of origin’s climate, but many fail to consider Australia’s dramatic, frequently changing weather patterns and can age – or fail – much faster as a result.

Shutter Range

OPEN Ultimate - Wooden Shutters

The pinnacle of our range. Can be shaped to create a heritage or ultra modern shutter. Solid Western Red Cedar, which can be varnished or painted.

exterior aluminium shutters australia

OPEN Metal - Aluminium Shutters

Now you can control light and air with the extra strength of adjustable aluminium blades and solid brass key locks. A practical alternative to timber for exterior use, they’re also ideal for pergolas and shading in gables. With an advanced coating technology for an enduring finish, stainless steel hinges, and precision guides and stops. OPEN Metal also give you the flexibility of colour matching in our powder coat range. You can even choose a cedar look finish. Made locally to your unique dimensions.

polymer shutters

OPEN SmartER and THERMALITE - Polymer Shutters

Weatherproof and easy on the eye. When you want the superior look and feel of painted timber shutters but need a harder wearing, moisture proof solution. Polymer shutters are perfect for urban environments, or bathrooms and kitchens, with their extremes of heat and moisture. 

OPEN SmartER are composite shutters which have timber frames and polymer blades.

THERMALITE (ex-Brisbane) are 100% polymer shutters and cost approx. 20-30 % less than our pinnacle ULTIMATE range.

Shutters Are For Life If Chosen Wisely

With some brands you don’t get what you pay for. Once the shutters have been installed many discover they’re stuck with a cheaply made product that isn’t worth the small initial saving.

It makes sense to include OPEN in your renovation budget when financing, rather than the false saving of buying cheap.

  • The expertise and accuracy of the measure and quality of the fitting are critical to the look and long term success of the installed shutters.
  • A shutter with the word “wood” could be anything from cardboard and glue to polystyrene. OPEN use premium Canadian, great-western-red cedar.
  • Mass produced shutters in standard sizes suffer from spacing strips, infills, or frames cut to fit, with inferior visual results. OPEN shutters are custom made.
  • Check your quote for details. Beware words like “fixed panels”, this may mean you can’t open the shutter panel to clean a window.
  • Beware of claims not backed by facts. Ask to see proof: Do they have awards? Customer references? A factory you can see? Who stands behind any warranty?
  • No need to settle for tilt rods running down the centre of the blades, (connectors are a future weak spot). Choose OPEN concealed or semi-concealed instead.
  • What does your quote cover? With some brands even hinges are extra.
  • Ease of use and ongoing shutter functionality is affected by the quality of hardware. OPEN offer precision tracking and high grade fittings.

3 Steps To Beautiful Shutters


Contact us.

Contact us for a measure and quote.

You may find some sites on the web which encourage you to measure yourself, then order on-line. Beware of this system because the small print says you still have to have someone come out and measure up, so you are not saving any time. Worse you usually find the price quoted after a sales call is higher, but your order has been taken!


Measure and quote.

Make an hour available to discuss your preferences with us. During this time, options on materials and design will be discussed and a quote given to you.



Sit back and wait about 5 weeks for your shutter installation date.

We guarantee your shutters will be the very finest available.

We only offer top quality shutters. Talk to the experts.

If you need advice about your project and want to discuss design options, we can help. And receive a free quote.